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    Narrowed down Flex Builder 3 question

    peteandrus Level 1
      so, i came in here the other day complaining that my FB 3 had gone insane. It kinda has still, but i've done a bit more diagnosis and here is what i've come up with:

      It seems the problem revolves around my Actionscript project. Examples:
      1-Auto complete does not have the mx.collections library available to me, or the mx.rpc.events library either. i put those in manually, but in my Flex project those libraries are available in auto-complete.
      2-When i have an error i only get the line number, no reference to the actual component it is in. When i click on the error in the 'problems' pane at the bottom, i get nothing. in my Flex project, i go right to the line of code it references.
      3-Errors don't show up at all in my AS project. There are no red signs on the lines at all saying that the line has an error on it.

      I have a dummy default application in this project. its just some class i made up to get rid of the 'default app does not inherit Sprit class' error from before. Was this wrong? Any suggestions? thanks!