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    General question: how to email PDF with Javascript

    Tom De Rouck Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      we're developing a PDF with a Javascript (to add images to the PDF by means of a browse button) for a customer and already now we encounter problems to email the file around. Our customer does not receive the file (blocked by mail system without notification), we do not receive his revised version (attachment blocked but email passes).

      Email scanning systems become become stringent. Does anyone know an alternative? A workaround? Zipping the file didn't help.

      At the end the file will be used by several hundred dealers so we can't depend on an uncertain mail system.


      thanks in advance,


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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Very strange. I never heard of an email server that blocked a PDF file because it contained JS, but who knows...


          You can use something like Dropbox or Google Drive and share the download link with the users, instead of sending them the file by email. This also makes it easier to maintain and update the file, as you don't need to re-send the file again to hundreds of people, just update it on the server once and everyone with access to it will have access to the new version right away.