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    Tilt It A Bit... Maybe!?

    finnandme Level 1

      I'm still working on the Eyes, particularly about how the Facial Tracking/Tracking Dots interact with the movement of them.


      I use an iMac... and did have the screen set vertical..


      Monitor 2.jpg

      Set like this the camera, which  set at the top of the screen, pointed at my upper forehead.

      This didn't help when I was trying to set the camera in Character Animator.




      I then adjust the slope of the screen, so that the camera was pointing above my head and I was more central in the Camera & Monitor Panel.


      monitor 1.png




      This certainly helped with the eye tracking.


      I had noticed that when i looked down, and my eyes were tracked,  the pupils of the puppet's eyes would start to move down, but when they reached about have way down the eyeball, the Blink action would be triggered. However, when I changed the angle of the monitor/camera.. this didn't happen nearly as often.



      All I'm suggesting is that when you open Character Animator, you adjust the camera, so when you are sitting the your normal position, the image of yourself in the Camera & Microphone Panel is centralized.