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    Deactivation quandary on iMac

    KE_DP Level 1

      Normally when I buy a new computer I deactivate PS then erase the old one.  I haven't done that yet - but noticed when using a Time Machine backup to restore my old machine setup onto the new machine - my PS CS5 didn't ask for an activation and is working perfectly now on both.  Great - then it's fine.  (I have one other install of this license on a MacBook)


      Here's the question - if I deactivate it on the old unused machine - will it mess up (deactivate) the current activation I'm using from the Tim Machine copy on the new machine?  It seems like that might be the case considering I'm running the max number of installations of 2 already - (the new computer didn't add an another activation AFAIK).


      I'm ready to click the deactivate button but wanted to be sure it doesn't cause an issue and break a working install on the new box.