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    after effects compositions


      Hi everyone..i am new in after effects and i have a problem with compositions. I have a composition with various motion titles from video hive and i cant figure out how to copy 1 title animation to another composition of mine. Can i open 2 different compositions at once ?

      Any suggestions?



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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional
          how to copy 1 title animation to another composition of mine

          although you can open 2 compositions at the same time and even 2 timelines at the same time, this is usually not necessary for just moving elements from one comp to the other. just copy (Ctrl+C) the title when you are in composition #1, now move to Composition #2 and click paste (Ctrl+V). now you have a duplicate of that title - the exact same title in 2 compositions.


          now, if that title is a composition too (also called a precomp) and it likely is, and if you want this title to be different than the original, you also have to duplicate it in the project panel and drag it on top of the duplicate in the timeline panel while holding the Alt key.  this way you created another title source with the same settings and if you change one, it won't affect the other.

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            Here is a good video that shows you how to view two comps at once: After Effects - View multiple Compositions (Quick Tip) - YouTube .


            It's  extremely helpful  when you have a precomp nested in a Composition.