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    Embedded fonts question

    matthewdee Level 1

      I just exported two pubs from CC 2017 reflowable and fixed layout, in the export panel for reflow able there is the option to check to embed fonts. So in the reflow able when I check that  and validate the epub I get the fonts could not be encrypted warning. So I republish and UNCHECK embedded fonts and the Epub has no problems.



      Now on the Fixed Layout I notice there is no option to embed fonts so when I publish the file and validate I get the same warning that there are fonts that cannot be encrypted. How do I export and clear this problem?



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          Derek Cross Level 6

          Have you licenced ePub versions of these fonts?

          (Typekit fonts are licensed for ePubs.) 

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            matthewdee Level 1

            The fonts were included in the InDesign package, I get where your going so my next move would be to substitute those fonts and see if I get the message again, I'll try, thx for taking the time to answer.



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              matthewdee Level 1

              Hmmm here is a list of the fonts that are in the .indd that cannot be encrypted Some are Adobe


              OEBPS/font/AdobeDevanagari-Bold.otf cannot be decrypted

              OEBPS/font/AdobeDevanagari-Italic.otf cannot be decrypted

              OEBPS/font/AdobeDevanagari-Regular.otf cannot be decrypted

              OEBPS/font/AGaramondPro-Italic.otf cannot be decrypted

              OEBPS/font/PalatinoLinotype-Bold.ttf cannot be decrypted

              OEBPS/font/PalatinoLinotype-Italic.ttf cannot be decrypted

              OEBPS/font/PalatinoLinotype-Roman.ttf cannot be decrypted

              OEBPS/font/RobotoSlab-Bold.ttf cannot be decrypted

              OEBPS/font/RobotoSlab-Regular.ttf cannot be decrypted


              how can I check to see if I need to license these?



              Check finished with warnings or errors

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                Derek Cross Level 6

                Also have a look at Flightdeck - it's a great ePub validator: FlightDeck

                (I have no connection with Flightdeck!)