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    This Made Such A Difference! (Add Camera Controls)

    finnandme Level 1

      I've been trying to improve the eye tracking... it always seemed to be hit-and-miss. It would be ok one minute and then it would change. I tried various options and after making many adjustments to the Behaviours, I still couldn't get a constant and satisfactory result.


      I read the User Manual and found this advice... move closer to the camera and ensure there is good light


      Although this is good advice, it may not always be the best option!?


      I've been a keen photographer for quite awhile and the improvement in technology in this field has been staggering! All digital camera and phone cameras, have built in Zoom and Exposure facilities. So, if there was a Zoom and Exposure option as part of the Camera feature in Ch...  you could reverse the suggestion of, getting closer and shinning a light in your face, and zoom in and adjust the exposure... from my initial test, I think this would help greatly.


      When you think that Adobe's development has been/is based on image manipulation, then you can only assume that Adobe must have virtual boxes stuffed with Zoom and Exposure app/routines that could easily be incorporated into the Camera feature in Character Animator.


      Character Animator is based around the Camera and Face Tracking, so  you would think that the internal Camera's control would be paramount!?



      I found an app called, iGlasses and this is software that controls the built in camera. It has the basic feature such as Zoom and Exposure, but a lot more too!


      When I used this, and this was a simple matter of selecting the next camera, I made the basic  adjustments of zoom and exposure and the results were amazing. The pupils seemed to be following the tracking a whole let better, even with just using one eye!







      I would suggest that Adobe, if it hasn't already done so, looks into incorporating camera controls into Character Animator asap!


      I don't have anything to do with iGlasses... but I'm impressed... it's cheap and better still it's free to try!


      I believe this could be a game changer for Adobe and Character Animator and would love to hear your comments?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Glad that worked for you! Yes, in general the closer and better lit your face is, the better your results will be. Zoom controls is an interesting idea, thanks for the suggestion!

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            Jim Acquavella Adobe Employee

            If you can work without your glasses, or have contacts, that should improved eye tracking.  Or, you could use the Eye Gaze behavior, enable the Mouse Input parameter and perform the eye gaze using your mouse.  Most web cams are fixed lenses and don't offer zoom controls, but offering controls for the few that do is a great suggestion.

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              finnandme Level 1

              Hi Jim and thanks for taking the time to reply!


              I do work without my glasses and it's without my glasses that I have the tracking problems. I eliminate any problem being caused by my glasses at the outset!


              Tried the Eye Gaze settings and Face Settings too. I was expecting that if the light settings and distance setting remain stable in you working environment, then the Behavior settings wouldn't require constant changes? Just minor tweaks!?


              Using the Mouse input seems to defeat the object... I can see in Post production, this could be useful to fine tune the finished piece, so I'm looking at improving the Face Tracking, before going down that road!


              You're right.. web cams are fixed lens, but it's digital zoom and not optical that is applied. I know that optical is far superior, but for such short distance, as would be employed with this application, digital zoom would work fine. The upshot of this is that it wouldn't be applicable to just a few, as you say, but to all users of most, if not all webcams.

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                finnandme Level 1

                Hi Dave...


                The optical zoom and exposure ability... would help with different working setups people are bound to have.


                I'm sure if anyone could add these feature to a camera app, it would be Adobe!