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    Have I got Wonky Eyes, or is Tracking Off!?

    finnandme Level 1

      I've been looking at how the tracking and puppet eye movements are synced.


      Having took many photos and video of myself pulling faces, there was one thing that I noticed all the time, either my eyes were wonky, or the Tracking Dot were off!?




      Often... I found that the Puppet's Left Eye, did not perform like the Right Eye. Looking at the above image I assume that this was due to where the tracking dot was misaligned!?


      Would it be possible to provide the option to click on the Pupil Tracking Dot and reset it manually?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          For now, no. But the tracking dots are never going to be 100% perfect, although most of the time they seem to get you in the ballpark of what you're going for. The closer and more well lit you are, the better it should be.


          And again, I highly suggest doing mouse eye gaze adjustment if you're working on a recorded piece - I find I have more precise control that way.