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    Shooting tethered with LR + Pentax 645Z too slow.


      Hi Everybody

      I recently started shooting tethered using my Pentax 645Z with Lightroom CC and the preview after each shots takes approximately 8-9 seconds to show on my monitor. I`m trying to understand if there`s anyway to make this faster. I tested using a 1 foot USB3 cable ( but I`m really hoping to work with at least 6 feet) and I`m still getting the same results. My PC is a MacPro with 16GB of RAM 3,7 GhZ quad core with Mac Os ElCapitan and should definitely be fast enough for the job. I also tried to shoot Raw+Jpeg keeping the Jpeg as small as possible, but I don`t see any difference.
      Could updating the Graphic Driver make a difference? Installed on my PC I have  now an AMD FirePro D300 2048 MB .

      I really appreciate any help and/or ideas.