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      I've tried to copy paste some sentences of this document and couldn't.is this a bug?


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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi Xavierg47650514,


          Thanks for sharing the file.

          I have tried the same at my end and it worked.

          Could you please confirm which application you have used to open the document and where are you trying to paste it (word or excel)?

          Also the version of the Adobe application and Android device.





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            xavierg47650514 Level 1


            I try to open the file with Adobe Acrobat version 16.4.

            I try to copy any sentence from the document and paste it into any text box of the operating system or the chrome browser.

            The device is a lg g3 d855 version 6.0 (V30n-EUR-XX)

            I have also reproduced it on a samsung galaxy s3.

            Thanks in advance.

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              Akki_24 Adobe Employee

              Thanks for sharing the detailed information.

              I have tried exactly same as you mentioned on Android device and found the same problem.

              Yes, when copied the content from the document and pasted it to the text box or google the words are grumbled.

              In order to test whether its a problem with the application update or document itself I have tried to reproduce the same with different PDF document and that worked perfectly fine.

              So it seems to be a document specific issue. I assume, the fonts used to create the actual document(initial stage) has not been embedded with the file and because of that when you open the file and copy its content its not copying the actual fonts used to create it.

              Its not a bug with the application, its a file specific issue.



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                xavierg47650514 Level 1

                On windows, copy and paste works. Will it work on any future versions of acrobat reader for android?

                Thanks in advance.