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    HDR batch processing still of little use for multiple photos


      I have been using Lightroom since it's introduction. Given what was available at the time it has been great and made my life much easier.


      I am a professional photographer.

      I posted to an adobe forum when HDR batch processing was first introduced in Lighrtroom. I got many email responses from people responding to the post. I am 99% sure it was an Adobe forum but unfortunately I cannot for the life of me find that post or I would link it here.


      I respectfully pointed out Lightroom's batch processing shortfalls for those of us that use HDR a lot in our business.

      I outlined my workflow.

      Everyone agreed the batching was useless for all but weekend photographers batching three or four photos at a time.

      Some of us need to do hundreds at a time. I do virtual tours - many, many photos...


      Well after years we still cannot batch properly.

      Now don't get me wrong, I use a bunch of Adobe products and they have worked well for me, but this is something that is so simple and fundamentally flawed that it really makes me feel like Adobe are just not listening to it's customers.

      How any project manager could release a feature as crippled as Lightroom's "Batch" HDR is beyond me. I urge anyone at Adobe to go try and HDR a set of 50 HDR bracketed photos. Your Mac just grinds to a halt. See you in a month...


      Today I am looking at Luminar and wow, it looks great for a first shot out the door.

      I am going to watch them carefully and if their batching is good and they can do everything else Adobe can, Adobe may just be loosing me to them.

      I just feel that Lightroom was released and then just left with only minor fixes and upgrades.


      Oh and I hate subscription software - with a passion.