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    External Speed Controller?


      Hello this is my first post to the forum, sorry if this has been covered somewhere else...


      Is it possible to use an external controller to vary the clip speed in real time via a knob or slider? Here's what I'm trying to do...


      I have a sequence of clips shot out the front of a moving vehicle that is starting and stopping. I am trying to smoothly alter the speed of the clips so it looks like the vehicle is moving at a constant speed. Instead of clicking and minutely adjusting key frames I'd like to be able to play the sequence and use an external controller to vary the playback speed in real time. Ideally After Effects would be able to record this controller input so that I can go back and tweak it as needed before rendering out the final video. Know what I mean?


      Does anyone know of a product that would work with After Effects that would allow me to do this?

      Or maybe something that would work with Premiere (I will also post to that forum)?

      Or another software?

      Or even another way to achieve the result I'm aiming for?


      Thanks for your help!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Not possible. AE can only play clips in realtime (if at all), using the native framerate and for select formats nor would there be a way to create time-remapping keyframes on the fly. It's an inherent limitation of the process - in order to show you the modified result, AE needs to re-render the clip over and over again. It would be pretty much the same in Premiere. What you want is essentially something that can only be done with specialized, expensive hardware like it's used to create realtime slomo on TV.



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            bmpitts Level 1

            Hmmm ok thanks. Someone thought VJ software might be able to help so I'll start looking at options there. Thanks for the reply!!