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    CC 2017 > video component above all elements ?

    bad_cholesterol Level 1



      I Just started to work with the new video component in animate CC 2017 in HTML5 canvas.


      My question is simple : I put the video component below other graphic objects on a specific layer (let's say layer 3)


      But the component is ALWAYS playing ABOVE all graphic elements...


      How can I put it UNDER an object ??


      on another layer ?


      via CSS ?


      I can't believe that I can't do something that I was doing easily years ago with my old FLVs


      Is there a way to put it on a container ?


      This is REALLY annoying...


      Please abobe, do something PRO for the video on animate CC...


      and please, answer me...



      Frank-Edouard Wozniak