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    Old 2013 Macbook Pro runs Lightroom faster than new i7-6900K build.

    scottwild Level 1

      Can someone from Adobe please help me understand why a 2013 Macbook Pro (2.6GHz Quad Core i7, 16GB Ram, GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB, with a 512G SSD) is twice as fast running Lightroom as my new PC (Windows 10, i7-6900K Octa-core, Samsung 950Pro, Samsung 850Pro, 64GB Ram, GTX1080)?


      I've been running test all day and the old Macbook Pro dominates the PC in every aspect. Imports and exports are literally twice as fast. Speed and fluidity of lightroom are much better too. I can actually use the develop module on the Mac while importing images...something the PC can't do at all...too slow and lags.


      I'm running the same build on both systems: 2015.7 1090788 as well as using the same monitor: LG Ultrawide 3440x1440.


      I've reinstalled Windows fresh 3 times now with no changes. I've got all the latest drivers and keep my machine clean of garbage.

      Can someone please explain why my old Macbook is wiping the floor with my new PC?