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    Mixing apps licensed to different Adobe IDs

    Cozmicone Level 4

      I have a subscription license for Adobe CC and Adobe Captivate through the Adobe ID I use at work. I also have a subscription license for Adobe CC through my personal Adobe ID. I have Adobe CC apps and Captivate installed on a computer and a notebook at my office and I want to deactivate Captivate on the notebook so I can install it on my computer at home which has CC apps installed with my personal Adobe ID.


      Trying to log out of Captivate on the notebook also wants to log me out of all the Adobe CC apps, which I don't want because I want to continue using the CC apps, I just don't want Captivate activated. I manually deactivated the login for Captivate through the Plan and Products section of my work Adobe ID login, but after installing Captivate at home the activation states that I'm already activated on two computers. I'm guessing it's mistaking my Adobe CC activation towards one of the activations.


      So, I went ahead and deactivated all the CC apps on my notebook so I could install Captivate at home. It finally activated like it should but I found that some of my CC libraries were unavailable because all my CC apps were then installed with my work Adobe ID now.


      So, is there any way to mix apps licensed to different Adobe IDs installed on the same machine while keeping them the Adobe IDs separate but allowing all the apps to run correctly?