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    LR to PS and back to LR again- wher'd it go?


      Hi all!

      I'm learning how to process flow in LR and transitioning photos between LR and PS is giving me fits! I begin by giving the shoot a keyword, then 1 starring my edits, filtering by 1 stars, then sometimes I will send to PS to do a deep edit.


      Sometimes LR asks me to edit a copy or original, sometimes it doesn't.

      When I am finished in PS, I save the file.

      Sometimes it takes a minute for the edited file to appear in LR, sometimes it never will.

      Sometimes the edited pic shows up at the end of my keyword group, sometimes it shows up next to the original.

      Sometimes I am able to import the edited pic into lightroom by finding it as a "new" pic in the folder where the original was, sometimes it isn't a new pic.

      Sometimes I find the edited photo using a word search, when I find it it will sometimes have the correct keyword and 1 star, but when I turn the 1 star filter on again, it disappears again.

      Sometimes I have patience, sometimes I don't.


      Please help, any tips?



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          Theresa J Adobe Community Professional



          LR will ask you to edit a copy or the original if it is a jpeg, tiff or psd file. If it is a raw file from your camera, it opens directly into LR.


          If you pick 'edit original', do some edits in PS and then save the file, it will just overwrite the original file you opened. In this case you won't find a new file because it doesn't exist.


          If you start with a raw file, PS can't save edits to the raw file so it has to create a new file. If you simply save, it should save back to the same folder the original image is in.


          Where the PS edited image shows up in LR may depend on your sort preferences, and whether you are looking at the images in a folder or a collection.


          I hope that helps.

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            vonBobo Level 1

            Thanks Theresa!

            I appreciate learning that the Raw files is what is causing the automatic copy to be made in transition, makes perfect sense. I think the rest of my problems are going to be resolved within the sorting and learning how to utilize that feature better. Thanks so much for your time!