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    Html/Xml/Css on textfields Tutorials

    Level 7

      I am searching for descriptions and tutorials on CSS and HTML/XML in
      Flash. What is possible and what is not.

      I was trying a bit to add images, colors and other styles. Did work but
      not always clean (i.e. text size, hover style ..). Next thing I am
      looking for is how to position text and images.

      Any sources / ideas?

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          Manno Bult-to3djt Level 2
          AFAIK there is no way at all to position images in text except for left or right alignment ( float in CSS ). So there's no need to look any further on that part.
          Have played with it a lot lately but not compiled a good list of findings. Basic textformatting works pretty good, but it stops there. No positioning etc. I've seen some components ( in adobe's exchange for example ) doing table-type formatting of text, maybe that'll work for you.

          What did you try to get the text stuff you want?