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    Animate CC and touch issue on iPhone


      Hello to all,

      I am creating an animation with Animate CC.

      I set an event handler with the following syntax:


      this.myButton.addEventListener ("mousedown", function () {

           alert ("touched");



      It works correctly, on deskyop, with:

      - Chrome;

      - FireFox;

      - Safari;

      - Microsoft IE


      It works correctly also, on Android, with:

      - Chrome Mobile;


      But I can not make it work on an iPhone.

      I also tried to insert the following code, and it does not change anything:


      if (createjs.Touch.isSupported ()) {

           createjs.Touch.enable (internships);



      However, if I create a simple canvas without going through Animate CC, also the "TouchStart" event works on iPhone ...

      It's like if EaselJS interfere with touch events on iOS.

      Can someone help me?

      Thank you