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    Send Failed

    nico1991927 Level 1

      Failed  to  send  to desktop application. Please try again.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi HHW,


          I think I just responded to you through the in-app feedback, but just in case you look here first, I'm pasting my response here as well.


          I'm sorry it's not working correctly. A couple of things I'd like you to check:

          * Are you signed in with the same Adobe ID in the app AND on the desktop?

          * Are you using the most recent versions of Illustrator CC ( v21.0.0   2017 ) and the most recent version of the Creative Cloud Desktop App ( v3.9.1.335)?

          * Is this happening with every Draw project you try to send or just a single project? Can you try creating a very simple project (a few lines on a canvas) and try sending that to the desktop?


          Please let me know what you find.