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    undoing a save in lightroom from photoshop, please help


      hi all, I'm new (as you will soon see)

      i started in lightroom then I edited images in ps , then saved back to llightroom, gave it 5 stars then did a further 2 things in ps (resized for fb and added watermark) thinking I was clever thought I would resave to lightroom and then give that a 3 star rating thinking I could retrieve the 5 star in the history , any way I cant, the saved pic in lightroom shows me the the 3 star rating and if I hover over  it shows me the other 2 stars (my 5 star first save rating), does anyone understand what I mean and can you help with how to retrieve the first saved pic???

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          Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

          What kind of file did you start with in Lightroom? Did you get a message asking you how you wanted to open it? If yes, how did you answer the question?


          If you started with a raw file it should have opened directly in Photoshop, without a warning panel. When you saved the PS edits back to LR, a new file would have been created. Hopefully this is what happened.


          When you went back to PS a second time and resized it did you just do a save? If so it would have overwritten the first time you edited it in PS.  I'm guessing this is what happened.


          The good news is that you should still have the original that you started with in LR, and you can go back and do the work again in PS. However, don't use PS to resize, and add a watermark. That is what the LR export function is for. Google LR Export if you don't know what I am talking about.

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            Angemarie603 Level 1

            Thank you for your time and yes to most of your questions, I will heed your advise from today and use the export in lightroom  for the resize etc, I was just hoping that I could somehow click back to the first save, the 3 test pics I did it with it worked and created another file so I had 3 photo files. but in batch it seems to have been lost. such an amateur mistake but one I will learn from.