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    LR2015.7 and Sony as7II?


      Hi all,


      I have a sony as7II which I mainly use to shoot video but also shoot some stills on it. I'm having problems getting Lightroom to recognise my RAW file settings. When I import the ARW files (RAW) LR immediately slaps some kind of Preset on the image (hi-con, sat etc) and I lose my flat "raw" image look, which I'd much rather start from. There doesn't seem to be a way to prevent this.


      I shoot RAW only on the camera, not RAW + JPG. It displays as flat on the back of the camera when I shoot, so it's a shock to see the image in Lightroom in it's "not flat" form. And its very frustrating to have to "undo" the instant JPEG look that LR puts on it during import ... the whole point of shooting RAW is that I can create a unique look from scratch for each image.


      Is it that LR doesn't support the ARW format? Or the Sony as7II? I have heard that Lightroom supports the as7II as a Camera source ... but can't seem to find any settings in Camera Calibration to make this happen. 


      Any help greatly appreciated.




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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lightroom cannot read your raw file settings You applied in the camera. Those are stored in metadata in the raw file in proprietary fields. Only Sony software can read those and use them. If your setting is just a picture style you can get similar rendering in Lightroom by going to calibration and choosing the similarly named camera profile. If you changed other settings than you have to use your sliders and perhaps create a preset.

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            brendanf42000312 Level 1

            Right I see. Thanks Jao vdL. Yeah I made a custom "flat"setting in the camera, so I'll see if i can set up a preset. Many thanks.