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    Flash crashes

      Flash opens, is stable
      if I open a template,
      a new file or sample file the opening window stays for 5 secs or so get the rainbow twirl , then crashes .
      any clues ? please.
      Loaded CS4 yesterday everything else works far as I can see.
      Mac OSX 10.5.5
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          bbjsean Level 1
          Mine too. I just launched Flash CS4 for the first time tonight and I can't create a new file. It crashes every time. I tried restarting my computer but that didn't help.

          I'm using a Macintosh G5 dual-core intel xeon with Leopard installed.

          I wish I knew the answer. Maybe I just have to reinstall everything.
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            Robbo_coop Level 1
            check with Adobe , I called them , gotta dump preferences , then restart , after a couple of times of starting puter , flash works well