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    Hello World template, Android splash screens, and PGB

    Jim Flaten

      Hello, community.


      I recently started a project that I based off of the Hello World template on PhoneGap's GitHub profile, that I build using PGB. After struggeling for a few hours trying to get splash screens to work on Android (they do work on iOS), I decided to just upload the unmodified Hello World template directly to PGB to see if the configuration I based my project on was even valid. It was no surprise at this point that the splash screens were not even included in the APK.


      However, I did manage to get a single image included in the APK by providing a default splash in config.xml using:

      <splash src="splash.png">

      That image is a copy of my MDPI splash, and ends up in the MDPI drawable directory in the APK. All other splashes are ignored, and the PGB log does not even hint as to why. It is also worth noting that building locally with the PhoneGap CLI works as expected: All splash screens are included.


      Given that the Hello World template does not work, can someone provide me with a valid configuration, or maybe clarify if this is a bug with PGB or not?