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    Where Am I?

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      First let me say... I'm not an Animator, but I do want to create an animated character for a project I'm working on... and that is how I arrived here!


      I tried several possible animation apps that I thought may help, but all were lacking, either in flexibility, potential, or stability... some crashed continually! I then found Character Animator and it's different take of using Face Tracking, plus my familiarity with Adobe products, made this my firm favorite to achieve my goal of creating an animated character.


      I knew this would be a two part process... just like any production... The 1st Step. Create the Characters.... and as this is an animation.. the character is a Puppet. The 2nd Step... do the Scene with the Puppet in it.


      However, when I went into Character Animator, I seemed to be in both environments... Creating the Puppet and the Scene; I found I was jumping from both and not really sure what was interacting on what... as an example:


      This two look similar... I think you'd agree, but if you adjust one, it may impact on the other and change the settings, but if you change the other... it does have the same effect. For me, this was confusing! I kept having to ask myself, 'Where am I?



      I think it would help if Character Animator took the two process of production, create the Character and doing the Scene, as two separate processes.


      Having looked at the layout, I could see two options.. the first one was to create two Work-spaces myself.. one called Character and would be solely for the purpose of creating the character and the second Work-space for the Scene.. and again this would be solely for the purpose of, 'doing the Scene.' The second option was that the creators of Ch could make the two process as distinct parts of the interface.. click Character and you are taken to the Character Creation part of the program, or Click Scene and you are taken to the Scene. This would enable you to focus on each process and enable multi characters to be created and easily imported into any Scene.


      As a rough idea of a layout for the two processes I've created these snapshots:






      I've tried to relate the panels to the characters above.... when you make adjustments to the character/Puppet, you'll see the affect of the change, in almost real-time, on the other puppet image.








      Here you would be dealing just with producing the scene.... I've added two option that would take you back to Camera and Puppet.

      Again this would enable you just to focus on the production.



      I know the creators of Ch could do a much better job of the layouts, but hopefully it gives you some idea.