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    error on export.mov


      hi all,

      on animate cc 2017, I want export an animation as video, but I can't do that I ve this message : My disk is lock or the file name is to long...

      So I've try on computer and several root and name... and the message is always the same...


      How I may export my movie on vidéo the final goal is publish in mp4 format.


      Ps : here some capture the first with my name the first with the parameters, the second with the messageparametres.png



      Thanks for your answers



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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It isn't an obvious thing, but in making a MOV Animate first makes a SWF. The location of the SWF is set in the regular Publishing Settings, and if there's anything wrong with the location you've set, or not set, then the error will show when you try to export video.


          Try doing a Test Movie, to see if the SWF part works ok. I expect it won't, but after you set the path in publishing settings it should be ok.