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    Access/modify dynamic link parameters w/ scripting/Extendscript


      Hello, I want to start with saying I have 0 experience scripting in Premiere but I am very curious. Before I go down that rabbit hole, i was wondering if anyone could tell me if the following is possible:


      I've created a graphic toolkit for my video team that utilizes dynamic link with After Effects. Depending on what they enter in certain text fields, the graphics change their positioning, layouts, and color via expressions in the after effects file. For some projects, we need to create multiple versions of a video that changes a parameter across all the graphics in the video. For example, let's say we need to change a text field parameter from "red" to "blue" across the whole video. If there are, say 50 unique instances of a dynamic link graphic in a sequence, it can be tedious to go through every single one to change that one parameter.


      Is there a way this could be automated via Extendscript or any other method? Thanks all for your time