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    ID CS6

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      I've goggled this to exhaustion. InDesign CS6 is installed in the Programs x86 folder. When attempting to make this the default program to open certain file types W7 won't recognize a program in this folder. Even when you browse for the .exe file and select it, W7 ignores it. Even if you right click an .indd file, select properties and try to change "opens with", same problem. Moreover, .indd and other indesign file associations don't show up in the default file associations panel since I uninstalled a trial version of ID CC2017. Fortunately ID CS6 will open these file types (created with CS6) but you can't dble-click a file and have it open. As a test I downloaded a trial copy of ID CS5.5 and it populated the file associations panel but I'm still unable to switch to CS6. I could reinstall CS6 but that would play havoc with my settings in other CS6 programs. I can't just download a fresh copy of ID CS6 because my S/N is only good for the suite.

      Any help would be appreciated.



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          You may try associating ID files with a nonsense application. Reboot, then try associating it again to CS6 by selecting an ID file, doing the right-click thing and navigating to the CS6 installation folder. This has worked for me with another application.


          There are applications for setting default applications. but all they do, I think, is to delete the association from the registry in all its locations, then re-associate to the desired application. There is also a control panel option that may work. Under the Installed Applications, there should eb an option to view file associations.



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            Thanks Mike, unfortunately the first suggestion didn't work and I had tried the others. It seems that W7 isn't recognizing ID CS6 as a valid program even though it's listed. I think my only way out is to request a S/N for ID CS6 (not my S/N for CS6 which won't work) and then download and install a copy of ID CS6. As I mentioned I don't want to uninstall and reinstall the entire suite because I'll lose preferences from other apps.

            I'm sure there's a file somewhere in the ID CS6 folder that would turn the file associations on but it doesn't seem anyone on this forum knows where it is.