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    syncing imported audio with video


      I had a lecture recorded with a video camera. To have better sound quality i recorded live my voice in a digital audio recorder. I input in Elements 14 (mini mac) the video file with its audio and also my extra audio file. I had clapped hands in order to have a clear sync sign. I muted the audio of the video (of the camera), but i cannot syncronise in the timeline the "good" audio. I cannot put the waveform of the audio from the video to match exactly the audio waveform of the "good" audio. I dragged carefully in maximum zoom, but the files cannot come exactly one over the other. In the first 10 min its rather ok, but then the sync is lost. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. You may mail me too= petrosthu@gmail.com

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not sure why it's not working for you. The method you describe is the recommended way to do it and it always works for me.


          You record someone clapping at the beginning of your recording (or use some other visual/audio point), then you zoom in on the timeline and you drag the waveform peaking (the clap) until it's directly underneath the frame of video of the person clapping.


          What exactly is it that you can't do?

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            petrosthu Level 1

            Hi, Steve


            thanks for yr reply. I used a test video to experiment. I had 3 claps in the beginning, some talking and 1 more clap at the end, after about 1 hour.

            First of all i cannot perfectly sync the peaks of the waveforms of the first 3 claps - while moving the audio clip it somehow jumps and cannot be ok (maybe i overdo it in scaling? - I use the higher possible zoom...) - however its not an audible problem and I imagine that there is maybe some way to perfectly sync the peaks. Till here, i ‘d be pleased if things would remain like this, and in fact, in the first part all seem rather ok. However, after about 55 min i had another clap (I did it to check the syncing). And here, there is a difference of about 1.5 - 2 sec between the 2 audio channels (and of course between the video one and the imported extra “good” audio).


            It would be impossible to use this technique to sync a lecture, if after 1 hour image and sound start getting divorce… . I cannot imagine what happens. Both devices were on for the same period of time, etc. I thought of the formats but i could not arrive anywhere = since they are both recording non-stop there should be no problem at all.


            So, i tried all with i-movie (after i posted at the forum). It happens exactly the same thing. So, i guess that it is NOT an Elements 14 issue but most probably something happens with my devices (video= panasonic HC-270, audio = Olympus DS30 with external microphone).


            I am orienting now to a rather cheep new camera with external mic input to avoid all this technology - mysteries that are consuming time and energy and break nerves.


            If y can think of anything, please do tell me, i ll be happy to listen to yr thoughts.


            thankfully for yr answer to my post, all the best, I wish a good night (its night here), Petros 










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              I use Audacity [free software] to sync audio with Premiere Elements 15. There is a video on YouTube on how to do it. Very simple and easy to use.


              Here is link to video: Syncing Audio with Video Premier Elements.mpg - YouTube


              Good luck.

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                petrosthu Level 1

                thanks a lot!!! all the best



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