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    Primatte Keyer sampler not working

    Miguel Mocho

      So, since I updated to the new AE CC 2017 I have been having some problems, especially with my Red Giant plugins.

      I have updated to the newest versions of Primatte Keyer, denoiser and Colorista.

      With Primatte keyer I can't sample, when I do it doesn't sample the green or blue, it just creates artefacts.

      In the picture bellow, I selected the green and that is as far as I get with it.


      If I use the auto option and it does ok but as soon as I try to clean the BG or my subject it messes everything.


      As for colorista and denoiser, I have issues when I use the sliders to change the values. It freezes everything for a few seconds then the mouse goes crazy. It happens every time. I have reinstalled AE, the plugins, cleaned the registry and so on.