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    Array / Loop Issue

      I was hoping someone could take a look at this code and maybe help me find out why this isnt working. What I am trying to do is: (NOTE: I have used a few differents scripts and combined them, so the code may not be the greatest).

      Pull Data from a PHP file (The PHP file gets it's data from database)
      Then run a loop that brings in First Name, Last Name, Jersey Number, and Position
      Then before it loops and gets the next player it creates an array that creates 3 text boxes with Full Name, Jersey Number and position
      then it loops through the process again untill all of the records have been retreived.

      I'm not sure if its because I have a do while loop inside of a for loop inside of a function and an Array. I'm new to Arrays and loops. the issue is it wont display the text boxes.

      NOTE: When I trace this, the data is being retrieved.

      Thanks for the help