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    Need to know where I have installed my licensed copy of Lightroom 6

    Peter Weld

      I just bought a new MacBook Pro, and I installed Lightroom 6 on it—but I got a message saying that I had already reached my limit on the number of computers on which I could install Lightroom 6 and that I would have to deactivate Lightroom 6 on another machine within 30 days in order to go on using it on the MacBook Pro.


      Well, I beg to differ: I have Lightroom 6 on my iMac at home and on my iMac at work, but I'm pretty sure I've never installed it anywhere else, and I think the license allows me to install it on three machines. Is there any way to get a list of the machines on which my copy of Lightroom 6 has been installed? My user profile has a list of the serial numbers of all the different versions of Lightroom that I've bought over the past decade, but that's not quite what I need.