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    Standard License for Videos


      My friends and I are going to be making educational newscasts maybe once a month covering different topics. We are in the process of looking for a background to use in our videos. I have found a collection of about 5 pictures that I would be interested in using for our video background. As I already have an Adobe Stock subscription, I have enough licenses to buy them. But I can only buy a standard license with that. We do not spend a ton of money here as it is a minor detail.


      The videos will be published to YouTube for educational purposes. As I understand, you may only make 500,000 copies of the image. For sure we will not be making 500,000 videos. So does each video file we create count as a "copy" or does each view of each video on YouTube count as a "copy"? It says that social media is not restricted so that is why I would assume that this situation is the same, I just need some clarification. Adobe, you really should make the terms more clear.