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    Centering text blocks vertically in a grid


      I have created a grid, with 5 rows, and one column. Now what I would like to do is make each text block (there are 5) center vertically in each row. In other words, no matter how many lines there are in each text block (assuming they don't overflow that grid "cell"), they will be equal distance from the top and bottom of that cell.

      Is this possible? Or do I have to manually space them? Thank you so much for any help understanding this.


      I know I can do this in tables, but tables won't flow text, so I can't use them. Maybe there is a workaround, but so far I have only seen one that works across columns, not down rows.

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          I'm confused. Are you asking how to center 5 frames vertically on the page, or how to center the text within them vertically? Or both?


          If the former:

          You can use Layout > Create Guides to create a grid:

          InDesign CCss_028.png

          Draw a frame and duplicate down once, then use Object > Transform Again 3 more times:

          InDesign CCss_029.png

          If the latter, select the frames (threaded or not) and choose Vertical Align Center:

          InDesign CCss_030.png

          If that button is missing from your Control Panel, you can find the command in Type > Text Frame Options:

          InDesign CCss_031.png

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            alisonl0shi Level 1

            Hi, thank you. That was helpful. I see now that I don't need the grid at all. I've made 5 equal text boxes and stacked them, grouped them,  and then threaded the text through them (then deleted the text).


            Now, the trouble is ... I put these boxes on a master page.  ... When I apply this master page to a document page, and then try to add text to that document page, the cursor acts as if it can't see the text boxes. I can't actually put the text into any of the text boxes I created. Can you help with this? I've tried searching but get nowhere. I don't see anywhere that these text boxes are locked, or in a locked layer.

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              alisonl0shi Level 1

              Oh, I figured it out!  Command-Shift-click. Think I'm on my way!