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    Top 3 of 7 head turn groups won't attach to body when triggered





      I'm working on a character in Character Animator and I've created 7 groups of head turns (Right profile, right quarter, frontal, left quarter, left profile, up and down). When I trigger them either with keys or movement which ever 3 layers arranged at the top of the head group won't attach to the body when I tilt the head to the sides, the other 4 work correctly. Also I notice when I turn on puppet mesh in the puppet panel it doesn't show the whole puppet but when I go to my scene it does. I've watched a lot of tutorials, compared my Photoshop file and the Character Animator file to the files of Wilk and read every bug report I can find online. Basically I've tried everything I can think of and nothing seems to fix the problem. I would really appreciate some help with this issue. I zipped up the project so you can take a look at it.



      Ps. I also feel like the body is moving around a bit strangely (I don't know, maybe that's just me).

      Link: Dobbie The Dinosaur Project.zip - Google Drive


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