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    Contribute 3 has disabled connection

      I have been using on a laptop OSX 10.3.9 for a couple of years no problem. I just added to a desktop OSX 10.5.4 and ignored the register since this is registered. Worked at first but has stopped. Contribute no longer works on either computer. FTP is working. Older computer says Contribute has disabled your connection to this website. Home page is blank and shows that page can be edited. Cant see a blasted thing.

      The newer computer shows the spinning beach ball though some of the page loads first. Under Contribute>my connections the computer icon has a red line through it.

      I understand I can use on two computers, but only one at a time. Cannot figure out how to set this up. Tech support no longer supports this software.
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          I am having the same problem and it appears to have started after some patches were downloaded and installed to OS X. I am running an Intel iMac 24 about 18 months old with OS X 10.5.5

          However, I am running Contribute 4.1 I have seen not notice that this is unsupported. Wondering why it won't connect to my web site and why it crashes every time I try to start it.
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            mystars Level 1
            Contribute 4 is supported. I bought Contribute 3 when it was a Macromedia product, which may be why it's not supported. It's a way to force everyone to go to 4.

            You are suggesting a patch on OSX 10.5 is the problem? I am using Contribute 3 with 10.3 as well and that has stopped working too. This aspect is not an OSX 10.5 patch. I hate it when there is more than one thing gone wrong.

            I am supposed to be able to have installed on both, but cant figure out how it's supposed to work. I am abiding by the EULA.