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    Lightroom 6 Blurb Book - Layout suddenly changed


      OK, so I'm nearly complete on a Blurb book created in the Book module.  I've used the book module successfully before for other books with no issues.  I'm nearly complete on a new project with it's own unique layout and text.  I just noticed that my current book project appears to have copied the layout and text from an older project - which is not my intent.  I'm not aware of copying anything from that project to the current one.   Needless to say, this is a major bummer as I fear I've lost countless hours of work.


      The photos from the intended collection are still showing in the collection at the bottom of the Book module, but they are no longer placed in the book layout as they had been previously (before the layout changed on me).  Is there any fix for this?  Is there any way to "step back" in the history of the book (clicking "Undo" doesn't seem to do the trick).  My last recourse is restoring from Time Machine from yesterday but I really don't want to lose today's work.


      Help is appreciated.