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    Update to AE CC 2017 causing "Can't import file "Bad TV 2 - old.fx": unsupported filetype or extension?

    Rob Ainscough Level 2

      After updating to AE CC 2017 ...


      Steps to reproduce:

      1.  New Project (4K 29.97 fps)

      2.  Drag drop a PNG formatted image into AE

      3.  Drag the PNG into the Timeline

      4.  Menu | Animation | Browse Presets - this brings up Bridge CC 2017

      5.  In Bridge CC 2017 navigate ... Presets | Image - Special Effects

      6.  Double click the "Bad TV 2 - old.ffx"  (also tried "Place in Adobe After Effects CC 2017)


      This will generate the error "Can't import file ... unsupported filetype ..." and will resize my AE Window and spread it partially across my 2nd monitor (I have a 3 monitor system).  My AE main window is "normally" set to full screen on my center monitor.


      Running Windows 10 64bit.


      Any thoughts?


      Cheers, Rob.