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    Refund. error compiling movie. unknown error.


      I would like a refund to my account please hoovey1969@yahoo.com for both Adobe Premiere Elements 14 and for Adobe Premiere Elements 15.


      Over a year ago, I purchased the bundle for Adobe Premiere Elements 14 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 14.  I have been with Adobe since about release 4.


      Unfortunately, with Adobe Premiere Elements 14 I never successfully could export a video.   I had recently recovered my system after a crash and started over in my environment setup.  I gave up after searching online and trying different ideas and went back to using Adobe Premeire Elements 11 without issue.   I occasionally would see the "red" in preview, and I would almost always get "error compiling movie. unknown error." whenever I do a project.


      I have recently now been having issues with Adobe Premiere Elements 11 with the imported videos some coming in as a 1440 x 1080 size and somem coming in as 1920x1080 and having to manually resize them all.  It is a pain so I finally started looking at other options today, Cyberlink powerdirector, corel videostudio x9 both as trial options.   At the end of the day, I decided I am used to adobe, and went ahead and just purcahsed Adobe Premiere Elements 15.  After all, with all the other people out there with "error compling movie. unknown error." surely it is fixed in the latest release.   Well, its not.


      Please refund my credit card full and give me a call when items are working. If you'd like me to send the video segment that currently fails with "error compiling movie. unknown error." let me know.  I'd be happy to send it to your software team.


      Photoshop works great, thank you.