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    Request for username and password when opening InDesign


      Two things happened when I tried to use InDesign today (CS6, Win10, been using this version for several years).

      When InDesign opens I get a message from Windows Security saying:


      The server www.automatication.com is asking for your user name and password. The server reports that it is from Restricted.

      Warning: your user name and password will be sent using basic authentication on a connection that isn't secure.

      If I think 'hmm, this looks dodgy' and cancel, when I go into InDesign I can no longer click and drag anything on a page.

      Other people have put up posts with the latter problem, and the suggested solution is to delete the preferences.

      I've done that, it made no difference, I can still only move things by using arrows, not cursor.

      Is the message I'm getting is from Adobe, or something malicious.

      It seems odd that I can't find any mention anywhere of someone having the same problem.

      I may be unusual, but I'm sure I'm not unique.