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    Livecycle document


      So, our company bought a licence for Acrobat Standard DC . I didnt purchase nor use the software but I do get to figure out how to fix it.


      Found out the pdf's that need editing were made with an older software and requires Livecycle designer to edit, which apparently is no longer possible with this version of Acrobat. 



      So far I found we would need different software to edit those.

      Hidden deep within the Adobe site I found

      Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4


      Is that even the software we need?

      Would we even need Acrobat DC if we have Livecycle Designer? (for these documents)

      Would we even be able to get a refund if we don't? 


      Thanks for reading and hopefully an answer!

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          LiveCycle Designer (LCD) creates - and modifies - XFA forms. These are XML forms wrapped in PDF. LCD was never part of Adobe Acrobat Standard. It started out it's life as a standalone application and then for a few versions got bundled with Adobe Acrobat Pro. LCD can create static or dynamic forms. If you are dealing with dynamic forms, only LCD can edit them. Based on your description, it sounds like that's the router of form you are trying to edit.


          You would still need Acrobat if you are planning on allowing users with the free Adobe Reader to fill in your forms: in this case, you need Acrobat to Reader-enable your forms. That part of the forms preparation process cannot be done with LCD.