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    RoboHelp and Across

    JaredHess Level 1
      Our company uses RoboHelp with the Across Language Server for our help file localization. We have some very large help projects (largest is approx 2800 topics) and are experiencing a lot of overhead with the files in the Across system. We generate the help file as a .CHM help file and then decompile it and send the decompiled .htm files for translation and then recompile them when we get them back.

      Originally when we submitted our ~2800 .htm files for localization, Across would crash while trying to import our files. So the Across people built a custom merge tool to combine several hundreds of topics together into a single file to get around this problem. So now, translators work on translating 20 or so merged files. These are then split into their respective .htm topics and then sent back to me for recompilation as the target language help file.

      Now we're running into overhead problems where there's an update to our help project. Rather than just sending them the .htm topic. We have to find what merged file contains the topic and merge those files together and then resubmit it. It's turning out to be a lot of work.

      I'm wondering if anyone else uses Across with RoboHelp and if you have any best practices for improvements? Or if there's a better authoring tool for localization in Across?