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    Student Edition Price-hike of around 50% - Is there a package cheaper for me?




      Now I understand that price increases are to be expected with Adobe Products as first year deals and what not. But as a Student of Film Acting and a YouTuber, not only does not having access anymore to Photoshop and Premier as well as whatever the PDF program is these days hamper my education, but also my ability as a student to generate income.


      The price went from £147 with VAT: Source A Gyazo - 0e07b043346aadd8cc5bd2e0288bbc50.png

      To £219.05 plus Tax/VAT: Source B Gyazo - 419142e011ec32ea527a8790b275030f.png


      As a Student who literally lives off what can be scraped out of the top of my tiny maintenance loan and then my sources of income, a £72 price hike is a bit absurd for the package when I only use around 4 out of the 25 programs offered on the Creative Cloud line. The only reason for buying which was its apparently the only plan where you can receive Adobe Photoshop and Premier.


      If someone could source me a more viable solution that wont cost me my November/December Food Bill - I'd be much obliged. Also frustrated there seems to be no direct support email to contact.