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    How to Load a SWF in Dynamically Loaded HTML


      I have a Flash movie with a multi-line text field that loads HTML text. As per the below Macromedia documentation I have swfs as images inside my HTML text.

      I'm trying to find a way to pre-load these swfs - if I do loadmovie to load the swf, when the html file is loaded will it need to reload the swf from scratch or will it take my loaded version? I'd love to show a "loading" message in the text as the swf was loading but am unsure how to do this now that I have the swf reference embedded in the html text.

      Any ideas?



      From the Macromedia documentation:

      Image tag (<img>
      The <img> tag lets you embed external JPEG files, SWF files, and movie clips inside text fields. The <img> tag has one required attribute, src, which specifies the path to a JPEG file, a SWF file, or the linkage identifier of a movie clip symbol.

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          shyaway Level 1
          it will be in your cache after loaded.
          so, you might have to clear the cache if you made a change serverside for the content to refresh it.

          the loading message is always good for first time loading

          did i cover all your questions?
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            JuliaO Level 1
            Thanks - your answer is exactly what I was looking for.

            I'm noticing that every swf I load via dynamic HTML is distorted - is there a way to prevent this? I can set the width and height of each swf in the HTML, which works ok, but then I run into a problem when I try and have a component item (like an accordion) included in the dynamic text field. It works properly, and the framing is sized correctly, but the guts are still skewed. I haven't been able to figure out why the swfs are being distorted in the first place.

            Any ideas?