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    How to find plugin version on npmJS?


      Hi All,


      After the closure of the Phonegap Plugin Library, I have been sourcing all plugins from NPM using npmJS. However I have noticed some build are iOS failing, which translates to the iOS device not using the plugins properly. In GIT or Jenkins, the plugin version number displays as a hash, followed by the number of uploads e.g #235 as the build version. My config.xml requires a proper version number i.e 1.2.3.


      Therefore my question is how do I find the version number of a build that has not failed android and iOS?


      Any help will be greatly appreciated. plugins which fail include  splash screen, navigator.notification.vibrate and status bar. Which are three important files.


      A copy of my config.xml has been attached below, for further investigation if needed.




      Thanks for all assistance.




      - Matthew Milan


      Software developer and IT manager