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    After Effects CC 2017 update not downloading

    Uli Grimm Level 1



      I am running CC 2015 and just installed CC 2017. The installation worked fine through Adobe Cloud App.

      Then I wanted to install the latest updates:


      All updates download and install fine except After Effects.


      I went through everything with an Adobe agent. He did several things, even re-installed AE.

      As the errors is 117 I checked everything. Firewalls etc. are off in the modem and the Mac.

      No management software and no virus software are installed.

      I even tried a different network bit it did not work.


      The AE download always stops around 22%.


      (Again e.g. Premiere update downloaded perfectly fine and was installed without a problem)


      I think it is the file that is causing the problem. There are other people having the same issue as well !

      Unfortunately there is no direct download available for the update.


      But without the update AE cc 2017 is useless !


      ADOBE PLEASE HELP. It is not our internet connections and it is NOT error 117 as it seems !!!!!!!!




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          Uli Grimm Level 1

          Hi Roei


          Many thanks for the link. That is what the Adobe agent tried but it did not help...




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            Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

            He must have said something at the end of the session did he not? I would have a go with another agent via remote desktop. This has something to do with a software maybe blocking the connection of the cc app. Try eliminating factors that could cause this. If necessary, a more aggressive re-install might be in order (using the cc cleaner tool)

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              Uli Grimm Level 1

              The Agent re-installed AE, he also used the Adobe Cleaner Tool and he closed all relevant apps in Mac Activity Monitor.

              I proposed to try a different network what I did but without success.

              In the end he said that Adobe will get back to me in 2-3 days... (this was last Friday.)

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                Uli Grimm Level 1

                Here is my experience on the BUG !!! (I think Adobe as a big problem...)




                When trying to update After Effects CC 2017 the /installation reports the error 117.   The installation always stops between 20% and 30%.

                1. We went through all your explanations and have no firewalls on the machine. As well we turned of all firewalls inside the modem.
                2. We had two Adobe agents remote controlling our machine and they tried everything without success. (I also had several calls during night-time but no solutions for weeks)
                3. We tried a different network without success (connected directly to the modem)
                4. We tried everything in safe mode without success
                5. We tried reinstalling After Effects CC 2017 (direct download) which worked but still it is impossible to update to 14.01.
                6. This happens on two different Mac Pros (2010, 12-core)
                7. We could easily install Premiere CC 2017, Photoshop CC 2017 etc.

                It only happens with After Effects CC 2017: On one machine we were able to install the first release of AE CC 2017 on the other machine even this fails.

                     8. We never had similar problems before (up to AE CC 2015.3)

                     9.After Effects CC 2017 ( is useless without the update (14.0.1 bug-fix) because it is crashing all the time. – That is why you had to make the update.

                     10. Please don’t tell me „there is no update“, that the CC Cloud App is reporting a wrong information or that I can work with AE      14.0.0207! (That’s what I was told yesterday) I can open it of course but it is crashing when I want to preview!

                     11. There are quite a few people who are experiencing the same problems !


                So it looks like there is a problem especially with After Effects CC 2017.

                I have been your customer for so many years now and I think that I know what I am doing. So please take this problem serious and try to offer me some solution.

                I experience all the problems that Adobe is going through in the past and I have the impression that it is always the customer’s fault. But it is not. Please be so kind and admit that there are things going wrong because it is obvious.

                And please contact me during European Business hours.

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                  Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional



                  I left you a response in the other thread: Re: adobe after effect not updating 2017.

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                    AdamSabla Level 1

                    Same here.


                    I got this problem on my 3 years old macbook pro. I thought it was some OS issue so i didnt bother cos I was about to get a new machine.


                    Now I just got the new macbook pro (with the touchbar) and I got the same problem.

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                      Uli Grimm Level 1

                      Hi everybody


                      I have an UPC-Internet. Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Animate all install perfectly final.

                      Only After Effects is not installing.


                      I now tried to update through my mobile phone which is t-mobile. I have a very bad connection and I had to try lots of times but finally it WORKED !!


                      So it looks as it is really a problem with the internet connection and has nothing to do with the mac itself.


                      Anyway it is weird that only After Effects is not working, so there must be something wrong with the AE update !!!!!!!!!


                      Also Adobe did not answer me for weeks which is not the way customers should be taken care of.



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                        Uli Grimm Level 1

                        Now this is really annoying ! And it makes me a bit angry as well.

                        I had the UPC-technicians work on the issue but "all of a sudden" there is no issue anymore.


                        With the After Effects update (14.1) as off January 18th installing through CC cloud works without any problems like it used to.


                        So I have the impression that it was a pure After Effects problem ! Why would the new update work and the previous not.

                        At least Adobe could have admitted that they have a problem and not blame others !


                        I have been working on this for more than 3 months now and Adobe took a lot of time from me.

                        As a professional this means a lot of money !!!!


                        I do not expect Adobe to say sorry but please do not take us as "stupid users" in future as you always did in the past.




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                          Multimalte Level 1

                          Hi, i have the same problem as you with the after effects, but this is the new update and the new MacBook Pro...