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    Does Size Really Matter!?

    finnandme Level 1

      Still on Eyes...


      I've been looking at the Tags... I understand that the Tag links each Puppet Group, or Layer to Character Animator programming. Most of the Tag names used are self explanatory ie, Head, Left Blink, Mouth Group and Nose etc, but could someone clarify the Size Tags?


      I think the Rollovers showing which Behavior relates to each Tag, is a very good idea, but would it be possible to refine this to the actual options within the Behavior?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Note that if you tag something left pupil, you automatically get the yellow "left pupil" and blue "left pupil size" tags. Basically yellow means a handle tag, blue is a layer tag. I think of handles as the invisible data points that help set the rules for how a character moves, and layers as the artwork itself.