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    Just bought Illustrator CC 2017 - TERRIBLE performance on windows 10


      Hello. I just bought Illustrator CC 2017 and the performance on my windows 10 computer is astonishingly terrible. After a certain period of time (10-20 minutes) the program becomes unusable. Turning off GPU mode does seem to have som effect, but doing this makes me lose animated zoom which is a function im addicted to.


      Intel i7 4710-HQ CPU

      16 gig ram

      Nividia GTX 850M.


      Previous versions have worked much better than this.


      Is it possible to download an earlier version of CC 2017 from somewhere and try that? In case how?


      I see many others having these same issues, but no solution. Im writing this partially to get an official response to a problem that is totally unacceptable.