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    D500 & D5 noise issue with Lightroom and/or Camera Raw


      Hello everyone!


      The agency for which I cover events just sent us a notice to STOP using either D500 and D5 bodies with Adobe Lightroom and/or Adobe Photoshop (Camera Raw as well), because there was too much noise generated by these two softwares when reading NEF files.


      I did ran some tests of my own with my D500 and compared the same image and the results were surprising.


      1. I took the NEF file, no modifications, sent it to Photo Mechanic and saved it as JPG.


      2. Took the same NEF file, imported it in Lightroom, no adjustments at all and exported as JPG.


      There was a significant difference between the two files in noise level.


      Any ideas or suggestions? This is a major issue since it screws up my whole workflow.