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    Executing VBS Within Flash

      Hello there,

      To start of with I am using the following:
      Flash Professional 8 w/
      ActionScript 2.0

      Using the fscommand, I am trying to fire off or execute VBS within flash. I want to use a button to do this. The following is my AS code for said button:

      on (release) {
      fscommand ("exec”, "Copy dataset1 to desktop.vbs");

      I have placed all of my files within the following "fscommand" folder:
      1. The Copy to dataset1 to desktop.vbs file
      2. The dataset 1.txt
      3. My .fla file
      4. My .exe file

      I believe the "Copy to dataset1 to desktop.vbs" app. that my co-worker wrote is correct, because when I click on it (from out side of Flash it does what it’s supposed to do.

      And it’s still not working. Any help will be greatly appreciated!