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    Error code in Actions Script for Animate


      Hello.  I'm a Digital Art teacher and we have been using tutorials from another website to create Animate files.  Unfortunately one of the tutorials is causing an error for some of my students.  Following is the code they are directed to use and how to create an actions frame.


      package  {

          import flash.utils.Timer;

          import flash.text.TextField;

          import flash.events.TimerEvent;


      public class TypeFX {


          private var timer:Timer;

          private var text:String;

          private var pos:int = 0;

          private var field:TextField;


          public function TypeFX(field:TextField, speed:int = 42, text:String = null) {

              // constructor code


              this.field = field;


              if(text != null)


                  this.text = text;




                  this.text = field.text;



              field.text = '';


              timer = new Timer(speed, this.text.length);






          private function update(e:TimerEvent):void



              field.text = text.substr(0,pos);



          private function kill(e:TimerEvent):void





              timer = null;

              text = null;

              field = null;







      On the actions frames they are instructed to put the following:

      new TypeFX(textbox_txt);


      The error message received is the following:

      Scene 1, Layer 'actions', Frame 1, Line 3, Column 121120: Access of undefined property textbox_txt.
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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There would be an import line that you may not have shown, something like:


          import TypeFX;


          That would import the external TypeFX.as file that you showed the code for.


          The other thing is that the textfield you're going to add the effects to would need to be a Dynamic textfield, with an instance name of textbox_txt. You do that by selecting the textfield on the stage, and in the properties panel you give it that name.

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            stephaniew43665429 Level 1

            I did all that and the textbox is Dynamic Text.  But it still gives me the error code of

            Scene 2, Layer 'actions', Frame 2, Line 3, Column 121120: Access of undefined property textbox2_txt.


            I changed the Scene 2 textbox to textbox2_txt and Scene 1 textbox to textbox_txt.  No matter what I do either it doesn't move or it does the flashy back-n-forth.